Thursday, June 8th, 2023:

We're moving our sites to a different host!

This means we can make some important improvements and updates ... but in the meantime some things will be down and/or messy.


We are working to get our main sites and members-only areas back up AS SOON AS POSSIBLE, and implement some important fixes.

MEMBERS: you are our top priority; we are working to restore our members-only areas and your access ASAP.

Thank you so much for patiently supporting us through our growing pains, and understanding how much we care about our sites and providing you with special, intimate content. We will be back up soon, and look forward to sharing new and improved goodness with you!

-Trixie and Delia

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Check our Twitter for announcements: @TastyTrixie | @DeliaTS

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while Trixie performs tedious behind-the-scenes work to get our sites fixed up.