Man in ski-mask lewdly exposes himself.

Gropes himself & blocks exit from tunnel
Unzipping his pants
Reaching into his jockeys
the root of his manhood
Ski mask & hardon

Imagine a masked man blocking your exit from a dark, narrow tunnel, forcing you to watch as he gropes himself, unzips his pants and pulls out a stiff menacing cock. You're intrigued, aren't you? You can see this scenario played out for you here on:

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He demands you eat his ass out.
On your knees & eat my ass!
menacing stranger in ski mask
he grips the base of his cock
really fucking hard cock

Imagine being compelled to kneel down before him and worship that heavy prick and his perfectly shaped ass before he finally pushes you away JUST as you're dying to deep throat him, splattering his cum down on the pavement, threatening to make you lick it up.

suck his cock
cum splatter on pavement
rip off his ski mask
dirty dude reveals himself
virile stud

This is only one of many roles Tucker dresses up to play on his homemade guy-next-door website:

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He is a real guy who runs his own website with his girlfriend. He even does LIVE SHOWS WITH CHAT so you can get to know him. Tucker's site is extremely unusual because it's open for people of all genders, orientations, and levels of curiosity to enjoy. You will not find another solo amateur guy on the internet like Tucker!



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