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Hi! My name is Trixie and not even the tightest Ace bandage could disguise this natural fact: I HAVE BIG BOOBS. Since I was blessed with a big bosom, I figured it made sense to make my own website where I can show off my natural assets:


I love it when my cunt and underarms are left naturally hairy so most of the photos and videos on my site feature me with a lot more sensual fuzz and pubes than you see in most porn these days.

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Call me old-fashioned, but I love the way a natural woman looks and smells with a nice thick thatch between her thighs and sexy patches of hair under her arms - it might not be modern of me to flaunt my hair, but I think it's really erotic and beautiful.

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Want to see me caressing my big boobs live on cam? You can! My site has 24/7 voyeurcams WITH AUDIO, live one-hour camshows three times a week (plus a ton of other girls doing shows, too). I even have a FREE PREVIEW VIDEO with lots of juggy breast action here:


On top of all that you get all of my photos and videos dating back to 2002 (when I started my site) featuring my all-natural girl-next-door qualities in homemade porn made by me and my boyfriend that we've never sold out to some big corporate porno conglomeration - my site is the real thing! -Trixie



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