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As (1) a woman who's (2) had her own homemade porn site since 2002, I have a special perspective on pornography, particularly internet porn. I know a few things about how the industry works and how hard it can be for one person or a couple at home to compete against big corporate porn sites. Some of the best, most personal paysites are true labors of love/lust that most porn consumers have never even heard of since those "mom and pop" sites don't have the advertising budgets and exposure of giant corporate porn sites (or they cater to fetishes that are ignored and misunderstood by mainstream pornography or they simply don't know how to play the industry games). I would love to highlight membership sites that offer truly unique, personal content deserving recognition and furious, loyal meat-beating.

As a lifelong masturbator and lover of pornography I'm also motivated to review porn because, you know, it's an excuse to look at porn! I spend so much time working on MAKING porn and marketing ourselves sometimes that I don't have time to look at inspiration: porn from other people. I am HUNGRY to sit down and just enjoy some porn, justifying it as "working on my review site"! Here are a few of the sites I want to review:

Squirting Carly
Lexi Lapetina
Bang My StepMom
Horny Boy
RealDoll Charlie Joanne
Jason Curious
The Crash Pad Series
Martha's Girls
Roni's Paradise
and many more!

But there are already a million porn review sites!

Yup. And I know how most of them operate; everything is broken down into stereotyped categories of gender and sexuality based on narrow-minded assumptions about porn consumers and what they supposedly want. They rarely have the time, insight, or motivation to focus on what makes certain porn sites UNIQUE; instead they judge everyone based on formulas and often emphasize the sites providing the highest payouts to them for sending sales/referrals. The best things in porn can't necessarily be quantified by how many picture sets a site has, how fancy their graphic design is, or how much money they can afford to pay people who send them sales.

I have no desire to reinvent the wheel by making some gargantuan catalog of every single porn site in the universe. I would rather draw your attention to a handful of creative, erotic, intimate and unique sites and share with you how they stand out from all of the cookie cutter sites emphasizing criteria other review sites ignore (like whether or not the people you're jacking off to in the videos ever see a penny of your join money). Oh, I might review a few of those corporate porn sites, too, (because some of them are pretty fucking hot) but mostly I want to focus on what makes porn sites DIFFERENT rather than what makes them all the same.

The big porn review sites also lack a real personal touch; most of the time you don't know who the person is writing the review or whether or not any of it truly aroused them. While I'm compulsively honest, I won't pretend not to be biased; you'll know exactly how my experience as a webwhore, my kinky personal set of turn-ons (and turn-OFFS), and my values as a liberal feminist and small-business person impact my selection of sites to review and my level of enthusiasm for them.

In the future:

For many years I've wanted to record videos of women talking to each other about porn, comparing their reactions to the same scenes, etc. The conversations my mom, sister and I have had about porn are always interesting; each one of us has completely different ideas of what makes good, hot porn. I'm not sure when I'll be able to invest the time in a project like that, but in the meantime I can still review porn on my own.


Here are other review sites with unique perspectives from people you can SEE reviewing sexy stuff that often falls outside of porn stereotypes:

Live Girl Review
Jane's Guide





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